The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 14, 2014
Writer Andrew Jones & Ciaran Murtagh
Director Helen Scott

Mr. Squigglebottom, a caterpillar, checks into the hotel. Elmo brings him to the Twig Room, which suits him fine. He plans on forming a chrysalis while staying over, but first requests some leaves to munch on. His powerful appetite forces Cookie Monster to rush back and forth from the kitchen with them. The monsters leave him be and overnight, he forms his chrysalis and becomes a butterfly. He flies outside to try out his new wings.

In the morning, Ms. Scuttles, another caterpillar, arrives to visit Mr. Squigglebottom. They phone his room, but there's no answer. The monster investigate the room and find he's nowhere to be seen. They fail to notice him fluttering outside the window.

The family all put their minds into caterpillar mode, trying to think of where a caterpillar like him would be. Phoebe puts all the clues together and realizes he must have transformed into a butterfly. Sure enough, they spot Mrs. Squigglebottom flying above them. He reunites with his friend, who decides to check in and have a life-changing stay as well. Cookie Monster faits when she orders more leaves.

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