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Sesame Street
Plot Susan washes her car.
Air date April 17, 1978
Season Season 9 (1977-1978)
Sponsors Q, W, 2
This episode page has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Cartoon: What if an anteater had the features of a giraffe? (EKA: Episode 0837)
  • Film: "At the Animal Doctor": Two boys take their dog to the vet. (EKA: Episode 1016)
  • Sign Cartoons: After saying "BINGO," a robot-like cleaning contraption comes on-screen and scrubs the signreader's foot.
  • Grover's "2" Demo Part 1: Grover leads a group of people (including Kermit) in counting to two..
  • Grover's "2" Demo Part 2: Grover decides to ask people why the number two is their favorite number. However, Kermit's favorite number is 9 (or sometimes 13); Count von Count likes a much higher number (like 34,969, which used to be his favorite number); and Sully just shakes his head when Grover asks if the number two is his favorite number.
  • Grover's "2" Demo Part 3: Grover gets Kermit, The Count, Sully, and an Anything Muppet to hold up a big sign with the number 2 written on it. Then they drop it on Grover's head and Kermit tells him, "Hey, uh, smashing demonstration, Grover!"
  • Olivia talks about the sweet fruit of a pineapple and saves the rough skin for Oscar.
  • Ernie and Bert: Ernie wants to show Bert his ice cube collection, however, they were too cold so he put them in a box covered with an electric blanket. Much to Ernie's surprise, the ice cubes have disappeared. Since they were replaced with water, Ernie suspects that a fish might have stolen them. Bert tells him that it's because they've melted. Ernie, however, is now convinced that a fish melted the ice cubes, and angrily walks out the door, threatening to "tear him fin-from-fin." (First: Episode 0033)
  • Oscar streaks the side of Susan's car with mud.

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