Sesame Street
Air date March 13, 1978
Season Season 9 (1977-1978)
Sponsors B, F, 10
This episode page has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Cookie Monster sees styrofoam letters that spell the word FOOD. After he sounds them out, he dons a bib, sprinkles salt and pepper on the letters, and eats not only those... but the salt and pepper shakers AND the bib to boot! (EKA: Episode 0723)
  • Cartoon: Two monkeys argue over what to watch on TV, growing bigger the angrier they get. (EKA: Episode 0844)
  • Sherlock Hemlock helps Ernie discover how his window got broken. Ernie finds that the only evidence is a baseball, and together with Sherlock Hemlock try to find out how who broke Ernie's window.It turns out that Sherlock Hemlock, of the Sesame Street Sluggers hit a home-run which caused the baseball to go through the window. (EKA: Episode 0238)
  • "Snitch Whistle": A purple creature subtracts apples. (5-part segment)
  • Cartoon: a scientist builds a robot that has real feelings, such as sad, happy and afraid. (EKA: Episode 0812)
  • Cartoon: a real Indian boy tells two boys who are playing Cowboy and Indian that Indians don't say "ugh", despite what the other boys had heard on TV. (EKA: Episode 0812)

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