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Episode 112: Sea Otter & Vulture

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The Animal Show
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Stinky is scared that Guffrey the Vulture might eat him.


  • Opening
  • That's Amazing: How a vulture finds its dinner.
  • Guest: Plunk the Sea Otter from the coast of the Northern Pacific Ocean
  • Baby Talk: Baby sea otters swim.
  • Song: Do It on My Own
  • Tizzy's Quiz: Is there more than one kind of otter?
  • Yves St. La Roache: how to bash shellfish with rocks.
  • Guest: Guffrey the Vulture from Europe, Egypt and Central America
  • Song: Guffrey sings The Vulture Song
  • Animal Awards: Which animal has the biggest wingspan?
  • Story: Filbert the Finch uses a stick to get bugs out of a tree
  • Habitat Time: Ocean (kelp forest)
  • Tizzy's Quiz: How will an Egyptian vulture get into an egg?
  • Closing


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