Fraggle Rock (animated)
Air Date 1987
Written by Pt. 1: Kathryn Mullen, Larry Parr, John Semper, Cynthia Friedlob
Pt. 2: Dennys McCoy, Pamela Hickey
Fraggle Rock Animated "Laundry Never Lies"01:12

Fraggle Rock Animated "Laundry Never Lies"

Fraggle Rock Animated "What Boober's Nose Knows"02:24

Fraggle Rock Animated "What Boober's Nose Knows"

Boober is at the center of both stories in this episode. In "Laundry Never Lies," suspects Red could be in danger and sets out with his friends on a heroic adventure to save her.

In "What Boober's Nose Knows," Boober's favorite sweet water has disappeared from the well. Luckily Boober's nose leads the Fraggle Five to the Gorgs' castle, where the sweet water is kept.


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