The Jim Henson Hour
Air Date July 23, 1989
Written by
Director Peter Harris

Picture Segment Description
BusterPointdexter pic
Cold Opening
Beard says the band have pretaped a song. Kermit is happy to run it as the opening number. Flash is late. Clifford says he sometimes has trouble with "punctuality." Flash, who mumbles and is difficult to understand, came around back to avoid his groupies, a group of girls who mob him. He tells Kermit to roll the opening titles. (This segment is not included in some versions of this episode.)
JHH 108 intro
Jim Henson Intro

Jim Henson introduces a clip from The True Bride, and notices that the Lion talked in that clip. He asks if he'll ever talk again, and the Lion says that he doubts it. (In the half-hour version, Jim asks the Lion if he saw the groupies in the hallway, and if the groupies are for the Lion.)

Muppet Central

Jim throws to Kermit in MuppetCentral. The studio is full of groupies who first follow Flash, and then Bean Bunny. Digit rolls Solid Foams new music video...

Music Video

"The Music Just Keeps On Rolling Along" with Solid Foam Beard, Flash, Clifford, Digit and the Drummer.

Muppet Central

The band tell Kermit that it was all digitally made. Digit is listening to his interntal headphones. Buster Pointdexter appears on the GUEST STAR CHANNEL...

Guest Spot

Buster Pointdexter is with the band, Beard and Clifford tell him how they admire him.

Toys Tea Party

Talking Teddy and Sergeant Killer Death Machine visit Bootsie and Brad's tea party.

Muppet Central

Kermit and Digit discover that Gonzo is prerecorded for this episode. There is a power cut and Kermit announces that it must be time for the ghost story...

Ghost Story

Fozzie rents a room from an old lady. The kids who play basketball all night outside the room seem to be headless and using their heads for a ball.

Muppet Central

The power cut is over. Prerecorded Gonzo explains how he works, Kermit fast forwards him until he arrives back from where he had been.


Musical Finale

Buster Pointdexter is joined by Gonzo and Kermit with the power of tape edit. They all sing "All Night Party".

True Bride
The Storyteller
  • The True Bride: A girl is freed from a troll's enslavement -- but when she falls in love, she's kept apart from her beloved by the troll's daughter.
JHH 108 intro
Jim Henson Closing

Acknowledging the fact that The Thought Lion actually talked in The StoryTeller, Jim asks the lion why he doesn't talk anymore. The lion says that he doesn't have anything further to say.


JHH promo 10800:32

JHH promo 108

  • This is one of the few episodes that Frank Oz performed in.
  • Judging from an airing taped in Nova Scotia, the cold opening was not included in Canadian broadcasts. (Also, all cold openings are not present in the half-hour "Jim Henson Show" versions). The cold opening features Kermit talking to the house band. Flash arrives late, trying to avoid his groupies, who mob him.
  • In the half-hour "Jim Henson Show" version, Jim talks about the groupies with the Lion in his intro.



Kermit the Frog, Flash, Clifford, Beard, Digit, Solid Foam Drummer, Bean Bunny, Gonzo, Leon, Lindberg, Fozzie Bear, Dr. Teeth, Zoot, Statler and Waldorf, Camilla the Chicken


Supporting Cast

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