Bear in the Big Blue House
Premiere October 28, 1997
Written by Andy Yerkes
Director Hugh Martin
Theme Gravity
Why Bears Can't Fly Title Card

"Why Bears Can't Fly

Pip and Pop invite Bear to the Otter Pond for a game of catch, but he keeps getting distracted by other events in the Big Blue House. Ojo and Treelo are pretending to fly and it gets Bear thinking about gravity and things that fly. When Ojo takes a fall and hurts herself, however, after trying to fly for real, Bear has to tell her that bears and kids can't fly, no matter how hard they try. He also helps Tutter to use gravity to get eggs into his mouse hole. In the Shadow segment, Shadow retells the story of Humpty Dumpty.


Video Releases

  • Hong Kong VCD
  • Why Bears Can't Fly (Hong Kong DVD)

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Share, Bear Falling for Fall

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