Animal Jam
Air Date March 4, 2003
Written by John Derevlany and Bradley Zweig
Director David Gumpel

Edi the Zebra is frustrated that she can't keep up with Waffle's ability to do things with extreme speed like a cheetah. Waffle does things with extreme speed so he has a lot of free time to do whatever he wants to do, but he ends up playing with his tail. Edi later learns that it's OK to go "at your own pace" while Waffle learns to respect the "natural speed" of other creatures.

At the DJs' workstation, the DJs have a race to see which one is the fastest after DJ 3 claims that since he is a leopard that they are fast. He ends up being the slowest out of the other DJs in the race.


  • Animal On The Go
  • Hummingbird-Banana Slug
  • Bozark Hummin

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