Air Date May 7, 1999
Written by Sally Lapiduss
Director Pino Amenta

A Peacekeeper beacon goes off inside Moya, and the Leviathan has to land on a planet to muffle the signal. Rygel performs an operation to cut the beacon out of Moya's neural net, while Crichton searches for an element on the planet that will help to numb Moya's pain. Crichton encounters a scientist on the planet who has been searching for extraterrestrial life; she and her son have to hide him from the military.

Guest stars

Mary Mara (Lyneea), Cayde Tasker (Fostro), Boris Brkic (Ryymax), Mark Shaw (Alien Soldier #1), Dominic Bianco (Alien Hunter #1), Heath Wilder (Alien Hunter #2), Cameron Smith (Unspecified voice).


  • Production number 102


Crichton says that the bog Moya lands in reminds him of Louisiana -- or Dagobah. He explains to Aeryn that Dagobah is where Yoda lives: "Just a little green guy. Trains warriors."

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