Fraggle Rock (animated)
Air Date September 26, 1987
Written by Pt. 1: John Semper, Cynthia Friedlob (story), Betty Birney
Pt. 2: Mel Gilden
Fraggle Rock Animated "Gobo's Song"

Fraggle Rock Animated "Gobo's Song"

Gobo's Song

Gobo begins to question the importance of the maps he draws only to encounter Cantus. The minstrel's song lulls him into a dream world in which he encounters ancient versions of his friends. He helps them find some oogle roots to eat, evade the Creeper Weeds, and leaves to sleep on. Fraggle Rock gets discovered too, and they eat all the Doozer sticks.

Wembley and the Bemble

After listening to a scary story from the Storyteller, Wembley becomes afraid of the legendary Bemble.

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