Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Tom Poole

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a spotted red napkin, an apple pie or a koala called Guy.

In this episode, the entire shop is fitted with Halloween related items such as pumpkin heads, bats, paper skeletons and so on.

A Ghost enters the shop looking for a "boo", since his boo doesn't work. Everytime he tries to scare someone they just laugh at him, because his boo is more like a "pew" than a boo. So Mopatop finds a scary boo in the drawer with scary noises. In return for the scary boo the ghost gives Mopatop his "pew".

Moosey Mouse takes the "pew" up to his baby sister, in hopes that the funny sound can make her stop crying. Moosey returns the sound before Mopatop and Puppyduck notice that it's gone.

The second customer turns out to be a Fierce Monster who's tired of being fierce; he wants to make people laugh instead. They give the Fierce Monster the Ghost's "pew" sound.


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