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Episode 105: Too Good to Be True

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Aliens in the Family
Air Date August 10, 1996
Written by Patricia Marx
Director Tom Trbovich

Snizzy invents a machine that creates a nicer copy of whatever you feed into it. Meanwhile, Bobut is desperate for a Stinky Stevie doll -- "the doll that barfs on you!" -- but Doug and Cookie refuse to buy him one.

Bobut uses the duplicating machine to create a clone that he can leave behind in his place while he goes to the toy factory to acquire a doll. The decoy Bobut is so sickly sweet that Doug and Cookie wonder what they could have done wrong. At the toy factory, Bobut finds himself mistaken for a doll, and he's shipped off to the home of two spoiled children.


  • The guest cast includes Hayden Panettiere, who became famous in 2006 as Claire Bennet, the cheerleader superhero on Heroes.

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