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Episode 104: You Don't Have a Pet to Be Popular

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Aliens in the Family
Air Date August 3, 1996
Written by Susan Borowitz & Andy Borowitz
Director Tom Trbovich

Spit's alien pet Varch gets out of quarantine and joins the Brody household. Heather develops an instant dislike for the creature -- especially when the animal eats her new boyfriend, Ethan. The boy is rescued, but Heather is furious.

Heather finds Varch in her closet and throws a shoe at it -- and she's surprised when he doesn't wake up. Satisfied, she thinks the troublesome critter is finally dead. It turns out that the animal periodically sheds its exoskin -- and the other kids have fun preying on Heather's guilty conscience before she learns the truth.

Meanwhile, Sally tries to put Bobut on a no-pudding diet.




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