Fraggle Rock (animated)
Air Date 1987
Written by Pam Dovale & John Semper (pt. 1, story), Betty Birney (pt. 1), Alan Swayze (pt. 2)

Big Trouble for a Little Fraggle

Wembley, the smallest Fraggle, wishes he were bigger. But a magical stone causes him to grow so big that he must move out of Fraggle Rock and into the land of the Gorgs where Junior Gorg mistakens Wembley for a cousin Gorg.

Meanwhile, Sprocket tries to use Doc's plant light to make himself grow after being insulted for his size by Ned Shimmelfinney who called him a mutt.

Necessity is the Fraggle of Invention

Indecisive Wembley has a hard time coming up with an invention for Fantastic Fraggle Think-Up Day. Eventually his creation saves Marjory the Trash Heap from impending doom.



  • "Big Trouble for a Little Fraggle" is a reference to the 1986 film Big Trouble in Little China, which starred Kurt Russell and Kim Cattrall.

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