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Episode 101: No Fraggle Is an Island

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Fraggle Rock (animated)
Air Date 1987
Written by John Semper, Cynthia Friedlob, Barry O'Brien
Fraggle Island

Boober gets "fed up" because Fraggle Rock is too crowded, so he and the other Fraggles decide to move far away in order to live alone. But once a Giant Slurp takes over the deserted Fraggle Rock, the lonely Fraggles rally to reclaim their home so they can all live together again.

Meanwhile, Doc builds a dog house for Sprocket.



Video releases

Fraggle Rock Animated "No Fraggle is an Island"01:31

Fraggle Rock Animated "No Fraggle is an Island"

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(First) Big Trouble for a Little Fraggle / Necessity Is the Fraggle of Invention

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