Sesame Street
Plot Mr. Snuffleupagus tries to ride on a gigantic skateboard.
Air date April 1, 1977
Season Season 8 (1976-1977)
Sponsors K, R, 3
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  • Biff and Oscar the Grouch decide that the only way to open a bottle of ketchup is to blast it open.
  • Cookie Monster: Two kids argue over a cookie. Cookie Monster arrives and says that the smallest person should get the cookie, and then, as the kids argue over which one is smaller, Cookie Monster shrinks himself. (EKA: Episode 0592)
  • Cartoon: A wizard asks a little boy to name words that start with the letter "R". (EKA: Episode 0901)
  • Bob sings "I Don't Like the Rain."
  • Count von Count: As ominous music plays, the Count walks around his castle, checks out the mirror (he has no reflection), and greets his bats. The mailman (Jim Henson) arrives, with a bunch of letters for Count. The mailman wonders why there are so many letters. The Count says that he wrote them all himself, so he could count them... and he does! (EKA: Episode 0592)
  • Cartoon: A turtle, a bird, and a butterfly demonstrate small, smaller, and smallest. (EKA: Episode 0592)
  • Luis doesn't have time to fix David's TV set, so David borrows Luis'.

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