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Sesame Street
Plot Cookie Monster imagines cookies
Air date March 28, 1977
Season Season 8 (1976-1977)
Sponsors P, Y, 10
This episode page has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Cartoon: A man talks about going to the city, without noticing he's walking right through it. (EKA: Episode 0843)
  • Film: Kids pick green beans in the field. Later their mom cooks the beans, and they eat them. (EKA: Episode 0995)
  • Geometric forms try to enter a circle
  • Cookie Monster can't find any cookies to eat, so he imagines he's eating them.
  • Cartoon: A man wants a hat, but the hat shop owner's hats are all the same - except for a ten-gallon hat, which complements the customer's horseback riding nicely.

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