Sesame Street
Plot Maria, David and Big Bird go fishing.
Air date December 27, 1976
Season Season 8 (1976-1977)
Sponsors O, Q, 11
Admiral Bird
This episode page has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Big Bird sings "Admiral Bird", playing the role of the Admiral of the Navy.
  • While in City Island, Maria visits some of her friends.
  • David, Maria, Big Bird and Debbie prepare to go sailing.
  • The Mad Painter attempts to paint an 11 in a doctor's office, but is unable to act in front of the waiting patients. Though he paints an eleven on the door, a janitor washes it off, and the nurse yanks the painter into the office. (EKA: Episode 0351)
  • Big Bird talks about the beach.
  • Cartoon: Things say that other things are small, but then something comes along that's bigger, or smaller, or whatever. (EKA: Episode 0320)
  • Song: "Tugboat"

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