Sesame Street
Plot Two flies drive Oscar crazy.
Air date February 4, 1976
Season Season 7 (1975-1976)
Sponsors L, X, 5
Title 01 21 007 0001
This episode page has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • A pair of flies are driving Oscar the Grouch crazy. He sprays the whole neighborhood with bug spray, trying to kill the flies. Maria protests, and gives him a bug repellent.
  • Grover volunteers to assist the Amazing Mumford in his rhyming magic trick, making three things come out of his hat that rhyme with knee. Grover guesses the first one, but misses the others. (EKA: Episode 0675)
  • Cartoon: A kid names his own body parts.
  • Cartoon: A girl and elephant show heavy and light.
  • A boy tries to master the pogo-stick, but finds it difficult. David relates his troubles to a similar boy.
  • Cartoon: A shoemaker shows how he measures (human) feet with his ruler. (EKA: Episode 0760)
  • Animation: As children speculate about a circle being drawn, it becomes the eye of a friendly monster.
  • Cartoon: A man talks about going to the city, without noticing he's walking right through it.

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