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Sesame Street
Plot Snuffleupagus drinks David's bucket of water.
Air date March 24, 1975
Season Season 6 (1974-1975)
Sponsors D, 2
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  • Mr. Snuffleupagus is thirsty, and asks Big Bird to get some water. While Big Bird is gone, David comes by with a bucket to wash Mr. Long's car. David stops to talk to Maria, and Snuffy drinks the water out of David's bucket.
  • Ernie and Bert: Ernie comes home to a sleeping Bert and tries to think of things to do that won't wake him up. He can't watch TV, and he can't play with his ball. Bored, he decides to take a nap too -- but then he starts to snore. This awakens Bert, who wonders out loud where the noise is coming from, in the process arousing Ernie, who gets mad at being woken up. (EKA: Episode 0280)

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