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Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird goes to the store for milk and birdseed.
Air date March 20, 1975
Season Season 6 (1974-1975)
Sponsors P, 12
Three Wishes
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  • Big Bird goes to Hooper's Store for milk and birdseed. When he gets there, there's a line of customers ordering all kinds of things. He asks Bob how he manages to take all of the orders without writing them down. Bob tells him that it's his job to remember.
  • Cookie Monster: Bob tells the story of "The Monster's Three Wishes". One day, Cookie Monster is brushing his teeth, and discovers the Genie of the Toothpaste, who grants Cookie Monster three wishes. Of course, Cookie Monster wants a million cookies, but first, he needs a truck to carry them all in. The Genie gives Cookie Monster a tiny little toy truck, which is nowhere near big enough to carry all the cookies. Cookie Monster says that he wants a bigger truck, so he's given a slightly larger toy truck. Cookie Monster explains that he wants the biggest truck of all, and the Genie finally gives him a full-size truck. Cookie is delighted, and wishes for his million cookies -- but the Genie explains that he's used up all three of his wishes. Undaunted, Cookie Monster eats the truck.
  • "The King Banishes the Letter P": A King banishes the use of the letter P from his palace. When he realizes that many things dear to him have names starting with the letter P, he changes his mind.

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