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Episode 0761

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Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird is locked in Hooper's Store.
Air date March 17, 1975
Season Season 6 (1974-1975)
Sponsors J, 9
This episode page has been compiled from materials at the CTW Archives.
  • Mr. Hooper refuses to sell juice to Oscar, because he doesn't say "please" when ordering. Oscar convinces Mr. Hooper that he's a Grouch, and he's not supposed to use words like "please" or "sorry".
  • Mr. Hooper has to go pick up a suit at the cleaners, and needs someone to lock the door for him. Big Bird offers to do it. Mr. Hooper is reluctant at first, but he finally agrees to let Big Bird lock up the store.
  • Big Bird has locked the store, but forgot to turn off the lights. He manages to reenter the store but ends up "locked inside". He's confident that he'll figure everything out.
  • Big Bird refuses Gordon's help to get him out. Gordon tells him that sometimes letting someone help is a smart thing to do. That's how one learns many things. Big Bird agrees to accept his help.

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