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Sesame Street
Plot Maria borrows a cup of sugar from Oscar's kitchen.
Air date December 20, 1974
Season Season 6 (1974-1975)
Sponsors S, 3
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  • Oscar won't give Maria a cup of sugar unless she gets it herself from his kitchen. Maria hears a great variety of sounds in the total darkness inside Oscar's trash can.
  • Ernie and Bert: Bert tells Ernie that if he can clean the messy apartment in fifteen seconds or less, he will give Ernie his dessert, ice cream and cookies. (First: Episode 0033)
  • Old West: Sinister Sam comes to the saloon, looking for Doc Holiday. He questions the frightened townspeople, looking for the doctor, but all he can find is a mailman and a fire fighter. Sam says that he needs the doctor, because he's got an itchy trigger finger. He locates the doctor, cowering under a table. The doctor asks what Sam wants with him, and the mean hombre says that his finger is really itchy -- it's driving him crazy. Is it mosquito bite? Should he use some lotion on it? Doc Holiday faints. Sam shrugs, and joins the other patrons at the bar for some milk.
  • Big Bird's home movies.
  • Big Bird and a kid pretend being baby and mommy.

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