Mother Goose Stories
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Written by David Angus
Director Brian Henson

While playing a game of hide and seek, Mother Goose tells her Goslings the story of Little Bo Peep.


Little Bo Peep is a pretty little girl living with her old mother in the countryside. One morning, her mother is unable to walk and Bo Peep insists on taking the sheep out herself as she knows all about them. However, this morning the sheep are restless, as one insists on running all through the hills. Once let out of their pen, the sheep dash off, leaving Bo Peep in the dust.

On and on this goes on, until Bo Peep is tired and falls fast asleep. The two sheep are about to rest and the energetic ram decides it's now time to run again and run off while she is asleep.

When Little Bo Peep awakens, she realizes the sheep are gone, and goes to look for them. She searches and searches and they're nowhere to be found. Sullenly, she goes home to break the news to her mother that she has lost the sheep and doesn't know where to find them. Her mother asks if they've run off, and she responds yes, not knowing much about sheep as she thought. Her mother reassures her that she had to learn the hard way as well, to "leave them alone, and they'll come home wagging their tails behind them." Sooner than later, the three sheep appear before her and return to their pens, not being lost after all.


Little Bo Peep, Little Bo Peep's Mother, The Sheep (Little Bo Peep)