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Episode 0145

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Sesame Street
Plot Gordon doesn't open Susan's package
Air date November 27, 1970
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors I, R, 6
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  • Gordon is about to go to the record shop to buy the records Susan has been asking for, when a package comes. The package is for Susan so, but Gordon wants to know what is inside. He thinks it is groceries, but just then Mr. Hooper brings the groceries that Susan ordered.
  • Gordon compares the size of the package to the size of his coffee pot, which has a broken handle. He thinks the package contains a new coffee pot, until he sees a new coffee pot, too. Then he thinks the package contains the dishes that Oscar the Grouch borrowed, but just then Oscar comes up in the dumbwaiter to give back the dishes. He thanks Gordon but tells him not to tell anyone else that he said thanks.
  • Cartoon: A man wants to buy apples, but can't decide on how many, frustrating the grocer.
  • Gordon still hasn't gone to the record store, and he still hasn't guessed what is in the package when Susan gets home. She tells him to open the package, and it contains records including The Jackson Five, Ray Charles, Lightnin' Smith, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed, and Guitar Shorty.
  • I - impolite.
  • I - ice cream.
  • R - rabbit.
  • R - race.
  • R - radio.
  • R - rooster.
  • Kermit demonstrates here and there.

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