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Sesame Street
Air date November 23, 1970
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors K, 2
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  • Everybody Moo
  • Gordon shows that when you put a salt shaker and a pepper shaker together, you have a pair of shakers.
  • Film: Animal Pairs, including monkeys, tigers, geese, and baby hydraxes.
  • Father and son Anything Muppets take a walk in the woods. The father pretends to be the son, asking questions and climbing trees, while the son pretends to be the father, helping out and explaining things.
  • Mr. Hooper and the kids sort pictures a family by gender and age.
  • Film: Lion family
  • Film: Elevator
  • Bob and the kids draw pictures of flowers. Each flower is different, but they are all flowers.
  • Anything Muppets discuss the "ig" family.

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