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*[[One of These Things]]
*[[One of These Things]]
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[[Category:Sesame Street Episodes| 0138]]
[[Category:Sesame Street Episodes| 0138]]

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Sesame Street
Plot Who owns the garage?
Air date November 18, 1970
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors P, 3
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  • Gordon notices that the garage could use a new coat of paint. Mr. Hooper agrees, but says it will have to wait, because he is too busy with the store right now to paint it. Gordon says he will paint it, after all it is his garage. Mr. Hooper tells him to go look at his deed—the garage goes with the store, not with 123 Sesame Street.
  • Film: patterns
  • Gordon gets Susan to come out and tell Mr. Hooper whose garage it is. She says it belongs to Mr. Hooper.
  • Bob hears the argument and comes down to see what all the noise is about. He says everyone knows that the garage belongs to Mr. Hooper. Miguel comes, but he doesn’t know who owns the garage. He is surprised that none of the others know either, and he suggests they look at the deed.
  • Cartoon: E – Egg
  • Cartoon: E – Elephant

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