Rechov Sumsum (Israel) En Den Dino02:08

Rechov Sumsum (Israel) En Den Dino

En-den-dino is a folk song performed on Israel's Rechov Sumsum by Ronnie Rock and Abigail.

En-den-dino is the Hebrew equivelent of eenie-meeny-miney-mo, used to decide at random who goes first in an activity. The chorus, repeated twice each time, is:

Sofa lakatino
sofa la katikato
elikbelik bom

At the start, Rock suggests "maybe we should sing about the clowns", to which Abigail is excited. He then suggests they sing about the "confused donkey", to which she's even more excited. He then suggests "the funny monkey". The song talks about dance moves, and living in peace.






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