DEBUT 2015

Elwood is a Woodpecker guest who visits The Furchester Hotel in the episode "Peckity Woodpecker."

Funella Furchester checks him into the oak room, which is a favorite of bird guests, however he ends up pecking holes in all the wood which is a violation of Furchester Hotel rules. To quell his need to peck, Funella, Phoebe, ad Elmo try to find something else for him to peck, like their cheese which was delivered without holes, but it's too soft. Next they try Cookie Monster's cookie, because he forgot to put chocolate chips in to, but their too rigid and break easily. To keep him from leaving they attempt to think up something he can peck that's hard enough, and Phoebe realizes that the glockenspiel that Ms. Ling's partner was supposed to play is hard enough and he performs with her at the hotel.