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Elmo the Musical is a Sesame Street segment that began airing in the 43rd season. 13 segments were initially produced (with 10 airing in season 43, and 3 debuting during the following season).[1]

In the segment, Elmo teaches math skills while imagining himself in different musical situations, such as "Sea Captain the Musical," "Mountain Climber the Musical," "Prince Elmo the Musical" and "President the Musical." Joining Elmo in his adventures is Velvet, a talking set of curtains, and a series of animal and Anything Muppet friends (see Elmo the Musical Characters).

The segment's theme song was composed by Adam Schlesinger and written by Molly Boylan, Annie Evans, Belinda Ward, Joey Mazzarino, Luis Santeiro, and Christine Ferraro. The song was nominated for the 2013 Daytime Emmy Awards in the "Outstanding Original Song - Children's and Animation" category, along with "I'm the Queen of Nacho Pichu" from the "Guacamole the Musical" segment.

Interactive game versions of some of the segments appear on Elements of the segment (including Velvet) appear in the Sesame Street Live show, Can't Stop Singing.


Season 43

Picture Description

Guacamole the Musical (First: Episode 4301)

Chef Explorer Elmo travels to Nacho Picchu and meets the Queen. The Queen is looking for a big dip for her big tortilla chip and Elmo must deliver or else!

  • "I'm the Queen of Nacho Picchu," "We Want Guac" (with reprise), "Sniff Sniff Sniff," "Guacamole"

Athlete the Musical (First: Episode 4302)

Elmo imagines himself as an athlete competing against a large monster, Enormous Athlete, to win a pair of golden shoes.

  • "Cheerleader Song," "The Golden Shoes," "End Zone Dance," "The Good Guy Athelete Anthem"

Video: Elmo the Musical

Sea Captain the Musical (First: Episode 4303)

Sea Captain Elmo and his chicken crew try to find the elusive whale, Moby Pink.

  • "Captain Elmo," "Heave Ho," "Look 'n Flap," "Eight is Great," "Barnacle Subtraction," "Dancing with a Whale"
  • This segment was considered the pilot by the writers.

Video: Elmo the Musical

Pizza the Musical (First: Episode 4305)

Pizza Astronaut Elmo has to deliver a pizza to the Martians on Mars.

  • "Number 10 Pizza," "Zoo Zoom Zoom," "Space Chicken," "Pizza Box Song"
  • Luis Santiero, Kathryn Raio and JP Rende

Video: Arts and Crafts Playdate
Online: (SSvideo)

Airplane the Musical (First: Episode 4307)

A penguin bride-to-be needs airplane-pilot Elmo to take her to the South Pole by 11 o'clock for her wedding, constantly making pit stops for things she needs for the wedding.

  • "I'm Getting Married at Eleven," "Elmo's a Pilot," "Flapping Song"

Circus the Musical (First: Episode 4308)

Elmo tries to find the perfect act he can do for the circus, replacing the various performers who fall out. Elmo becomes discouraged and nearly gives up his dream of joining the circus until a chicken urges him to "Keep on Clucking." (Audra McDonald provides the singing voice of the chicken.)

  • "To Join the Circus," "Ring Master Song," "The High Wire Song," "In Betweeny Song," "Keep on Cluckin'"
  • Molly Boylan, Kathryn Raio and JP Rende

Video: Elmo the Musical, Learning Rocks

President the Musical (First: Episode 4311)

Elected President of the United States, Elmo become the first monster to command the White House. He must solve a problem facing the country - all the "firsts" (the First Lady, the First President photo, first base, etc.) are going missing!

  • "Hail to the Chief," "First Second Third," "Number Two Song," "Tango"
  • Christine Ferarro and Alex Lacamoire

Video: Elmo the Musical

Cowboy the Musical (First: Episode 4313)

Elmo becomes a cowboy, nick-named the Count By Two Kid, and must escort six kitty-cows to the Double Double Dude Dude Ranch Ranch.

  • "The Count By Two Kid," "Meow Moo Count By Two March," "Giddy Up," "Stand Shake Push," "Double Double Dude Dude Ranch Ranch"
  • Annie Evans, Chris Miller and Nathan Tysen

Online: (SSvideo)

Prince Elmo the Musical (First: Episode 4315)

Prince Elmo and his mice assistants travel the land to conquer a dragon with stinky breath who's been scaring the residents of Tottentot.

  • "Prince Elmo," "Over Under Through," "Froggy Quintet," "Dragon Breath," "Stinky Things"

Video: Elmo the Musical
Online: (SSvideo)

Detective the Musical (First: Episode 4318)

Detective Elmo is searching for a cube who has been causing people to sneeze.

  • "Sneeze Sneeze," "The Magnifying Glass Song," "Everybody Needs a Cube"

Season 44

Picture Description

Bird the Musical (First: Episode 4401)

Elmo imagines himself as a bird and follows Mama Bird's egg to bring it back to the nest.

  • "Flying Song," "Sitting on an Egg," "The Most Unusual Watermelon," "I Feel Ducky," "Play Ball"
  • Belinda Ward and Chris Jackson

Repair Monster the Musical (First: Episode 4410)

Repair Monster Elmo must fix things broken in half by the accidental magic of The Great Halfini.

  • Eli Bolin

Mountain Climber the Musical (First: Episode 4418)

Elmo and his sheep sherpa scale Mount Biggest Everest, though everyone tries to warn him about the Yeti at the top.

  • "Climbin' Up the Mountain," "You're at the Top"
  • This segment premiered in international markets before it aired in the US.

Online: SesameStreet's YouTube Channel (YouTube)

Season 45

Picture Description
Karate the Musical[2]
  • "Master Elmo," "Shape of Things to Come," "Song of the Ooze"
  • Bill Sherman and Christine Ferraro
Tomato the Musical[3]
  • "Big Bigger Biggest County Fair," "Bounce Song," "Grow Song," "Hungry Elephant," "Mamma Mia," "The Biggest One"
  • Alex Lacamoire and Emily Perl Kingsley


Behind the Scenes[4]

Sesame Street The Making of Elmo the Musical 07:51

Sesame Street The Making of Elmo the Musical

The Making of "Elmo the Musical"


Alternate designs for the opening title. The top left logo was ultimately chosen.


International title card.

Replacing Elmo's World

Production on the "Elmo's World" segments had ceased in the late 2000's, the last new segment airing as part of the 2009 season. The segment was meant to appeal to kids younger than the target age of the show (two years and younger). Executive producer Carol-Lynn Parente was not too pleased with the success it received, as it was targeting an age the show's curriculum was not designed for. The "block format" experiment of season 40 proved to be a ratings hit, attracting more children between the ages of 3-4[5], leaving the "Elmo's World" segment as the youngest-skewing portion of the program, something Parente wished to change even before production halted.


In June 2011, Joey Mazzarino and the other writers began developing new ideas for the new segment. One idea was to have Elmo go on road trips using his tricycle. Mazzarino stated Elmo's character was all about his excited view of the world and large imagination and they decided to go with an idea based on those characteristics. The idea of a musical segment came around and with the success of musical programs like High School Musical and Glee, the writers decided it was a good idea to move forward with.


Each episode took a day to film; the initial segments were filmed between January and February 2012[6]. All the material was filmed in front of a bluescreen, with the performers dressed in blue to allow characters like Elmo to appear full-bodied. Magnetic Dreams Animation Studio, known for producing other animated segments for the show, provides the CGI elements of the segment, including the backgrounds and animated characters. Each episode costs approximately $275,000 to produce.


In late 2013, the segments began airing on ABC Kids in Australia and well as in Germany on KI.KA as a separate mini-series.


Starring the Muppets Of Sesame Street



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