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Picture Summary First Appearance Description
Abby's Wand Episode 4136 Abby Cadabby surprises Elmo, and demonstrates her feats of magic, such as disappearing and turning a mailbox into a pumpkin. Her wand can also be used as a back scratcher.
Same and Different Episode 4171 Elmo and Abby Cadabby point out the ways that they're the same and different, and Elmo imagines himself as a pink fairy monster.
Making a Doll Episode 4175 Abby Cadabby plays with her doll, Prince, when Elmo meets up with her and wishes he had a doll with him. Abby plans to conjure up him one, but makes a pumpkin, then a hat and finally a marker. Elmo puts all those things to make a doll of his own.
Making a Friend Episode 4181 Elmo looks for a friend to play with when Abby Cadabby shows up, who thinks she can make a friend for him appear. First, she tries making Dorothy appear, but makes a pumpkin in a fish bowl. Then, she tries making Bert appear, but conjures a pumpkin with Bert’s hair style. Abby thinks she’s a failure, until Elmo points out she did bring a friend to play with – her!
Drum Exercise Abby performs her wing exercises, but is disrupted by Elmo, who's doing his drum practice. They cooperate by having Abby exercise to Elmo's drumming.
Paper After Abby finishes coloring her paper, she plans on throwing it out. Elmo has different plans for it - he recycles it into a paper airplane for them to play with.
Pretend Teeth Elmo and Abby plan on showing the viewer how to brush their teeth, but since they don't have any, they pretend they have teeth.
Jump Rope Frustration Abby becomes frustrated when she's unable to use her jump rope. Elmo explains that everyone gets that way when they can't do something. He offers his help, but then he is unable to use it. They decide to just jump without the rope instead.
Pretending Abby and Elmo use their imaginations to play "Monkeys in Space".

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