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Elmo's World: School

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Elmo's World
Written by  Judy Freudberg
Annie Evans
Tony Geiss
Directed by  Victor DiNapoli
Book  Teachers!
Video  Reach for the Sky!
First Appearance
Episode 4093
Earliest Known Appearance

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today?
A school bell rings loudly from out of nowhere. Startled by tne noise, Elmo opens the door to see a video of classrooms, followed by Muppets running through his room. A video montage plays of different classroom activities. Elmo takes roll of the characters in his room (Elmo, Dorothy, Door, Shade, Mr. Noodle, Drawer, TV, Computer, and the viewers).
Dorothy's Question
Dorothy has a blackboard decoration in her fish bowl. She wants to know what you do to ask a question in school.
The Noodle Family
Mr. Noodle shows off a penny trick for Elmo when he saw Elmo. Mr. noodle then hears the bell and sits down on the seat of the desk and plays a trumpet and raises his foot and eyebrows before raising his hand. He gets stuck in the desk when he tries to get up.
Kids and Baby
Kids playing school together demonstrate raising their hands. Elmo asks a baby and kisses the baby.
Elmo's Question
Elmo raised his hand for a question and asks the viewer to help him count CGI fish getting onto a school bus. It is a school of fish inside the school bus and one fish was catching up for the bus!
Elmo asks how else you can get to school. Slimey appears to use a cannon to get to school when he's in a hurry.
Video E-Mail
Snuffy and his new friend Rosalyn are enjoying Snufflegarten. They show a castle they built out of blocks, then laugh and dance so hard it falls down.
Elmo's friend Tatiana goes to school and shares the activities she does during the school day.
TV Cartoon
TV appears from behind Elmo to see the School Channel (Let That be a Lesson to You) as an educated television (of which TV wear an educated hat). This channel shows "The Boy Whose Family Loved School". Coming up next: Our after-school special: "The Graduate" starring Keanu Reads and LL School J.
Elmo talks to a school about things you learn at school and the different levels of school. The School tells him, "Stay in school!".

Tickle Me Land
Dorothy imagines Elmo graduating high school and doing the hustle at prom.
The School Song
Elmo, School, and muppet students all sang an alma matter chorus in unison: The School Song!

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