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Elmo's World
Written by 
Directed by 
Video  All About Faces!
First Appearance
Episode 4143
Earliest Known Appearance

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today?
Elmo opens up the door to let in a Groucho Marx Muppet, Cyranose de Bergerac, Henrietta Honker and an AM Monster. Wolfgang the Seal brings a beach ball to Elmo, balanced on his nose.
Dorothy's Question
Dorothy wants to know how you smell a flower with your nose.
The Noodle Family
A fly has landed on Mr. Noodle's nose as Elmo opens up Shade. He tries to sell a flower and listens to them before he smells one. Ultimately, it squirts water in his face.
Kids and Baby
Kids smell flowers.
Elmo's Question
Elmo appoints himself Grand Marshal of The Tournament of Noses Parade.
A trash heap doesn't have a nose, but Oscar says it smells... terrible. Elmo: "So does that joke, Oscar!"
Video E-Mail
Behind a pile of dirty tissues, the Two-Headed Monster battles with a sneezing fit.
Elmo's friend Phoebe lives on a farm and she tells Elmo all about nostrils.
TV Cartoon
Lola Schnozola and her elephant Tantor present a cartoon about all the things elephants can do with their trunks. Coming up next: The Most Happy Smeller.
Elmo talks to a giant nose who speaks like Jimmy Durante. He sings a short song about noses with some Honkers.
Tickle Me Land
Dorothy imagines Elmo as Pinocchio.


  • The design of the "Pinocchielmo" puppet is influenced by the Pinocchio puppet that appears in a News Flash. The segment is further referenced when Gepetto is caught on Pinocchielmo's nose, and shouts "Stop! I want to get off!"; the same thing happened to Kermit in the news segment.

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