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Elmo's World
Written by  Judy Freudberg
Tony Geiss
Belinda Ward
Directed by  Ken Diego
Victor DiNapoli
Jim Martin
Steve Feldman
Ted May
Lisa Simon
Video  Families, Mail, & Bath Time!
All Day With Elmo
First Appearance
Episode 4058
Earliest Known Appearance

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today?
Elmo opens his door to find Ernie taking a bath and singing "Rubber Duckie."
Dorothy's Question
Dorothy wants to know what you need to take a bath.
The Noodle Family
Mr. Noodle dresses in ski attire, then scuba gear to take a bath.
Kids and Baby
Kids take baths in bathtubs and showers.
Elmo's Question
Elmo counts the bubbles made by a whale taking a bath.
Video E-mail
Telly explains how Little Murray Sparkles gets clean.
Oscar gives Slimey a mud bath.
Elmo's friend Julianna learns how to give her horse Sara a bath.
TV Cartoon
The Bath Lady, Bubbles Martin, sings "Everybody Wash" on The Bathtime Channel. Coming up next: "Bath Masterson" starring Soapy Sales.
Elmo talks to a bathtub.
Tickle Me Land
Dorothy imagines Elmo as a mouse and an elephant who sing "Singing in the Shower."

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