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thumb|300px|right Elmo's Verden is the second Danish dub of Elmo's World. A new dubbed version was required to make it fit into the new Danish co-production Sesamgade, which stars Elmo. This time a title card was made, something that was missing from the first dubbed version. The episodes were cut.

Translations and Voices

English Name Danish Name Danish Voice Actor
Elmo Elmo Thomas Roos
Dorothy Dorthea
Kermit the Frog Kermit Jens Jacob Tychsen
Telly Monster Telly Monster Donald Andersen
Baby Bear Baby Bjørn Casper Phillipson
Big Bird Big Bird Casper Phillipson
Prairie Dawn Rosenknop Pauline Rehné
Bert Bert Lars Junker Thiesgaard
Cookie Monster Cookie Monster Lars Junker Thiesgaard
Grover Grover Peter Zhelder
Ernie Ernie Thomas Mørk
Zoe Zoe Line Kruse
Oscar the Grouch Oscar Max Hansen
Rosita Rosita Signe Egholm Olsen
Count von Count Greven Farshad Kholghi
Abby Cadabby Abby Cadabby Karoline Munksnæs
The Big Bad Wolf Den store stygge ulv
Herry Monster Harry
Dinger Ringeren
Stinky the Plant Planten Stinker
Old MacDonald Jens Hansen

Additional Voice Actors

  • Clara Phillipson
  • Josephine Ellefsen
  • Silas Phillipson
  • Katrine Strømsted
  • Mathilde Kaysen

Additional credits

  • Sound studio: Dubberman
  • Translation: Tekstkontoret
  • Production coordinator: Mille Lykke Sørensen
  • Dub engineer: Susanne Roslev, William Dion, John Strandskov, Karsten Dines and Christian Rohs
  • Mix engineer: Hamid Hagh
  • Dubbing director:Susanne Roslev and Jens Jacob Tychsen

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