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Characters and alter-egos assumed by Elmo in Muppet productions.

See Also: Elmo Variants
Picture Name Production Notes
Prince Elmo - Two Princes
Elmo as a prince Sesame Street, Two Princes
CinderElmo CinderElmo
Peter Elmo's Musical Adventures: Peter and the Wolf
A "chicken-kitten-cow-bunny" Episode 4032 of Sesame Street Elmo dresses as every animal he can think of, rolled into one, to see Gina and declare his love.
An Elephant Sesame Street Natalie and Elmo play "The Princess and the Elephants" along with a real Elephant.
Count Elmo Sesame Street Elmo as The Count.
A Snuffleupagus The Street We Live On Elmo has a Snuffleupagus nose after reading his e-mail from Big Bird and Snuffy on how to do the "Doin' the Snuffleupagus."
A Wizard Sesame Street Halloween card Elmo dressed as a wizard to go trick-or-treating.
Elmosaurus Super Morphin Mega Monsters A parody of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Asking Elmo Sesame Street Elmo appears as a superhero who asks questions to find things out.
Super Elmo Sesame Street A superhero, who gets some help from Super Grover.
Elmo as the Red Rabbit Abby in Wonderland In Abby's dream, Elmo plays a variation on the classic White Rabbit
Elmo as the Nutcracker Elmo's Christmas Countdown Jamie Foxx musically narrates Elmo's battle with the Mouse King.
Chicken king elmo
Elmo as The Chicken King Sesame Street A Parody of Disney's The Lion King

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