Elmo's World
Written by  Judy Freudberg
Annie Evans
Tony Geiss
Emily Perl Kingsley
Directed by  Ken Diego
Victor DiNapoli
Jim Martin
Edward May
Lisa Simon
Book  Pets!
Video  Elmo's World: Pets!
All About Animals
First Appearance
Earliest Known Appearance
Episode 4095

Picture Segment Description
Guess what Elmo's thinking about today?
Elmo opens the door to let in several domestic cats (including Chip and Dip), plus a tiger.
Dorothy's Question
Dorothy wants to know how you pretend to be a cat.
The Noodle Family
Mr. Noodle pretends to be a duck and a monkey. When he finally pretends to be a cat, Barkley chases him around.
Kids and Baby
Kids lick themselves, scratch trees and sleep on the floor to pretend to be a cat.
Elmo's Question
Elmo counts mice going into a mouse hole.
Elmo wants to know where cats live. They can't live on ice cream, unless it's Oscar's ice cream, and it's "cats"up. Fido the grouch cat loves it that way.
Video E-mail
Telly has brought Little Murray Sparkles to Gina's veterinary office for a checkup.
Elmo's friend Matthew has just picked out a cat from the animal shelter.
TV Cartoon
Bubbles Martin sings about all the incredible things that a cat does. Stay tuned for I Live Nine Lives, Kitty Lights, and Atlantic Kitty.
Elmo talks to Mr. Tiger and a domestic cat.
Tickle Me Land
Dorothy imagines Elmo in the story of The Lion and the Mouse.

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