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2006 reissue.

Elmo's Reading Basics is a Sesame Street CD-ROM game for home computers. The game was developed by Creative Wonders and Children's Television Workshop in 1998 and later re-released by Encore Software and Sesame Workshop in 2006. Elmo presents 6 reading games at three different levels. Concepts introduced include letters, words, and sentences. This game was included in the Elmo's Reading: Preschool and Kindergarten CD-ROM 2-disc set in 1998, along with Elmo Through the Looking-Glass.


  • "History Mystery": Match beginning sounds and words with Sherlock Hemlock
  • "Super Grover's Comic Book": Help Super Grover make daring rescues by forming words.
  • "Beam Me Up Up Up": Find objects that start with the right sound for The Martians.
  • "Cooking with Cookie": Find letters and make words in the kitchen with Cookie Monster.
  • "Zoetry Poetry": Help Zoe finish her poem with rhyming words.
  • "Elmo's Wild Kingdom": Help Elmo complete sentences.

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