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Written by Abigail Tabby
Illustrator Louis Womble
Published 2005
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0375830456

Elmo's Breakfast Bingo is a 2005 Sesame Street "Healthy Habits for Life" book featuring Elmo in a spoof popular television game shows. In this book, Elmo teaches kids why breakfast is important and what some good choices for breakfast are.

Elmo's Breakfast Bingo is styled as a multiple-choice game show. Throughout the book, Elmo asks a series of multiple-choice questions, often with humorous incorrect answers. For example, he asks "Why is it good to eat breakfast?" and incorrect answers are "It saves time --- then you don't need to eat lunch or dinner" and "It makes your pet turtle happy."

Game show elements are spoofed throughout. There is a word from the sponsor and at one point, Elmo states that for answering the question correctly, the reader has won a car ("Oops---sorry---wrong show!") Elmo states that the final question is the "million-dollar question."

Like other books in this series, this book comes with a collectible recipe card.

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