El Oso de la Casa Azul is the Castilian Spanish dub of Bear in the Big Blue House, airing on Spain's version of The Disney Channel and on network TVC.

Character Translations and Voices

English Name Spanish Name Spanish Voice Actor
Bear Oso Jon Crespo (1997-2002)
Miguel Ángel Varela (2002 onward)
Tutter Tati Rafael Alonso
Treelo   Chelo Vivares
Pip   José Padilla
Pop   Héctor Lera
Ojo Oulla Conchita López
Luna   Yolanda Pérez Segoviano
Doc Hogg   Rafael Alonso
Shadow Sombra Yolanda Mateos


  • Dubbing Studio: Abaira (Madrid)
  • Dubbing Directors/Editors: Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr., José Padilla
  • Translator: María Sahagún

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