Songs from Plaza Sésamo
Released 2007
Format CD
Label Cosar Editores
Cat no. 7720408114415

El Mundo Que Me Rodea (The World Around Me) is a CD based on Plaza Sésamo, the Mexican co-production of Sesame Street. The album was produced by Cosar Editores in 2007 for Pampers in Chile.

The other two albums in the series are Mi Casa y Mi Familia and Mi Cuerpo y Mis Hábitos.

Track listing

  1. Ven a jugar (Come and play)
  2. A guardar los juguetes
  3. Aire (Wind)
  4. Al perro hay bañar
  5. Cecilia
  6. Circulos (Circles)
  7. Comenzar y terminar
  8. Cruzar la calle
  9. Detectives
  10. El desayuno (Breakfast)
  11. El mercado (The market)
  12. Escuela de monstruos (Monster school)
  13. Gota a gota
  14. Hay dias
  15. Es hora de dormir (It's time to sleep)

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