Written by Jorge Milchberg and Daniel Alomia Robles (original)
Lyrics by Paul Simon (English)
Date 1913 (original music); 1970 (Simon & Garfunkel version)
Source Peruvian musical play El Condor Pasa (original); album Bridge over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel version)
Publisher Paul Simon Music

El Condor Pasa, also known as "If I Could", was performed by Paul Simon when he appeared on Sesame Street.

It was later sung with enthusiastic and different, somewhat unusual lyrics by Gonzo and the chickens in The Muppet Show episode 511. Paul Simon, watching from the wings, retaliates by inviting the chickens to a party in the middle of Gonzo's number.

Sesame Street Paul Simon Sings El Condor Pasa03:07

Sesame Street Paul Simon Sings El Condor Pasa

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