The Eh Bee family is a family of four that has a large social media following, creating online videos under pseudonymous names. Between platforms, the family has 15 million followers, including 3 million on Vine, 1.5 million on YouTube, and 9.5 million on Facebook.

They have done branded content or product placement for Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, General Mills, Toyota, Mattel's Barbie brand, and others. They've made guest appearances on Today, Good Morning America, CBC News, BuzzFeed, and other outlets.

They appeared in a September 2016 segment of Sesame Street's web series, "Love to Learn," released on the show's Facebook page. (video)

Elmo gets ready for school with the hilarious Eh Bee Family. Elmo loves it all, from packing his backpack and having his picture taken, and gets some tips from the bigger kids who are already pros! Captain America star Anthony Mackie also shares a fun tip to help get kids ready for school.[1]


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