1990 spoof of Nighthawks from the coloring book Museum of Monster Art.

Edward Hopper (1882-1967) was an American painter best remembered for his eerily realistic depictions of solitude in contemporary American life.

Hopper's famous 1942 painting Nighthawks has been spoofed several times in Sesame Street media. The earliest known spoof appeared in two adjacent pages of the 1990 coloring book Museum of Monster Art.

A 1999 spoof features the Sesamstrasse/CTW logo in place of the name of the diner. This image has been produced in poster and postcard form, with the copyright information listed as "© 1999 CTW. Sesamstrasse Muppets ©1999 Jim Henson Company." This spoof, therefore, appears to have been created for licensed Sesamstasse products.

Joe Mathieu also spoofed Hopper's famous painting in a 2004 issue of Sesame Street Magazine.

A fourth spoof by an unknown artist plays on of the melancholic atmosphere of Hopper's original. This picture seems not to be associated with licensed Sesame Street mechandise and is likely an example of high-quality fan art.

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