Eduardo Garza is a Mexican voice actor who dubs Elmo and Big Bird for Plaza Sésamo. He's reprised the role of Elmo in most related dubs, including El Mundo de Elmo (Elmo's World) and Elmo en la Tierra de los Gruñones‎ (The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland), plus merchandise like Tickle Me Elmo, TMX Elmo, and Singing Pizza Elmo.

Garza also dubbed Elmo in Meet the Fockers, for his un-authorized cameos on The Simpsons (where Garza also dubbed Nelson and others), and at Parque Plaza Sésamo and in the Mexican equivalents of Sesame Street Live. Other Henson/Muppet dubbing assignments include Riff on The Ghost of Faffner Hall and one of the Fireys in Labyrinth.

Garza's other voice roles, usually dubbing juvenile roles or younger actors, include Tobey Maguire in The Cider House Rules, Alexis Cruz on Touched by an Angel, Danny Nucci in Titanic, and Michael Jackson in Men in Black II. Cartoon roles include Pinocchio in the Shrek movies, Stan on South Park, Alvin and Theodore in various Chipmunks videos, Donatello in TMNT, Krillin in Dragon Ball Z, and Bones in Monster House.

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