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Alternate ages and identites of Earl Sinclair on Dinosaurs. Proof that even a tree-pusher can aspire to other things.

Picture Name Episode Notes

Alternate Identities

Choreographerearl Choreographer Episode 208: Career Opportunities Dreaming of a time when he wanted to be something better, Earl imagines himself as a famous choreographer who inspires his dancers to great heights.
Sinclairsisterearl Sinclair Sister Episode 220: Nuts to War (part 2) In order to find Robbie and bring him home, Earl appears in drag as one of the Sinclair Sisters, a USO singing group who perform at the front.
Ifiwereatree Earl as Tree Episode 319: If I Were a Tree Earl exchanges bodies with the Spirit of the Tree, and finds himself rooted and leafy.
Captainimpressive Captain Impressive Episode 402: Earl, Don't Be a Hero Earl's superhero alter-ego.
Earletta Earletta Episode 410*: Working Girl Earl in drag again, to demonstrate that Richfield has hired female employees.

Alternate Ages

Skinnyearl Teenage Earl Episode 316: Steroids to Heaven Earl in his sophomore year at Bob LaBrea High School, when he was voted "most likely to fall through a grate."
Bodybuilderearl Bodybuilder Earl Episode 316: Steroids to Heaven Due to a rigorous training regimen, Earl, post high school and prior to his weight gain, is a muscular titan in a tartan speedo.

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