Drillbit doozer

Drillbit Doozer and the workers' delegation confronting Cotterpin

Drillbit Doozer appears in the Fraggle Rock storybook Cotterpin's Perfect Building. After the Perfect Doozer Building has been finished, Drillbit agrees with Cotterpin and the other Doozers to try and play games and have hobbies instead of building, although he does so begrudgingly. After awhile they become bored, and Crankshaft Doozer and Sandpaper Doozer start a workers' delegation, of which Drillbit is a member. He informs Cotterpin that they love her design, but they are tired of games and hobbies, and Crankshaft suggests they let the Fraggles eat the new building, so they may continue on building bigger and better buildings.

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