Drew Massey


Official bio

Drew Massey is an actor, puppeteer, and voice-over guy whose film credits include Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Men In Black I and II, The Hangover, The Producers, Doctor Dolittle, Cats & Dogs, Muppets Wizard of Oz, Darjeeling Limited, and Team America. Drew has performed on TV in Community, Greg the Bunny, Angel, Animal Practice, Malcolm in the Middle, Muppets Tonight, Cousin Skeeter and Crank Yankers. Drew has puppeteered in commercials for Sony (as Plato, the blue alien) and Levi’s (as Flat Eric), but is most known for as the driving chicken in the Foster Farms Chicken commercials. He also draws really well and loves animals.

Henson/Muppet credits

Punk Guy, Mr. Guy, Creepy old man, Punu the Tiki God, Germ 1 and Germ 4.

Non-Henson credits

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