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[[Category:Celebrities|Doug, Doug E.]]
[[Category:Sesame Street Guest Stars|Doug, Doug E.]]
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[[Category:Sesame Street Guest Stars]]

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Doug E. Doug (b. 1970, real name Douglas Bourne) is a comedian and actor who was a regular on the sitcom Cosby and has appeared in such films as Jungle Fever, Cool Runnings, That Darm Cat (1997), and Eight-Legged Freaks.

Doug appeared on Sesame Street in Season 30, playing a barber who helps Baby Bear overcome his fear of haircuts in episode 3834. He also appeared in the celebrity version of "Sing" and an insert with Elmo, who asks Doug E. to read his book. Since Elmo's writing is a stream of incomprehensible squiggles, he asks Elmo to read the story to him.

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