Doonesbury is a long-running syndicated newspaper comic strip by Garry Trudeau, known for its political content. The strip premiered on October 26, 1970.

In 1990, a major storyline involved Andy Lippincott, a recurring character introduced in the 1970s and one of the first explicitly gay human characters in a comic strip. Lipincott died from complications related to AIDS in the strip which ran on May 24, 1990, eight days after the death of Jim Henson. In the May 29th strip, Andy speaks at his own funeral via a pre-recorded video, announcing happily that he made it into Heaven, and "by the way, Jim Henson's here."


  • Ed Christie designed puppets for the 1983 Broadway show.
  • John and Faith Hubley directed the animated project A Doonesbury Special (1977)
  • Fred Newman supplied voice and motion capture movements for Jimmy Thudpucker (for an online NetAid concert video) and Duke (for the Duke 2000 online series).
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